Framura a hidden gem

Framura is a real unknown gem, now easily reached via the old railway track, now transformed in  a cycle and pedestrian path. 5 km sea link it to Levanto and Bonassola.

Used bicycles of Hotel  and ride across the road lane.

Once in Framura, leave the bikes on the waterfront, after having secured with the supplied padlock, go down the stairs or the elevator to the marina and from there head to the train station.

In front of train station there are buses that will take you in the highest part of the country.

Buses leave every hour, but can change at weekends, always ask at the front desk before go.

In few minutes you will arrive at “Costa”, the highest of small villages of Framura.

From here take the lane downhill, very scenic which takes you back to the sea, through all the hamlets of the village. But before you indulge in a little ‘off to visit  the church of San Martino, houses one of the finest paintings by Bernardo Strozzi “Our Lady of the Rosary with SS. Domenico and Carlo Borromeo. The houses are now pitted gradually along the ridge, you will encounter “Setta”, the town hall and square, where it will be of MUST enjoy a coffee or an ice cream. Then there will be Ravecca, and finally Anzo, our favorite. Still stands the Tower, built in sec. XV to defend against raids, just off the Church of Our Lady of Snow with its lovely courtyard.

You are almost arrived, take bikes again and come back to Levanto, or, if  time and  weather allow, get a refreshing swim in the beach of “Porto Pidocchio”, you will encounter an indication on your right.