SciaccheTrail, ultra trail of Cinque Terre


The first edition of the Cinque Terre Ultra will start from Monterosso on 29 March 2015.

A trail running hard but fantastic, 47 km ride through the park of  Cinque Terre.

Hard because the altitude is challenging and  Liguria is vertical.

It starts from Monterosso  climbing to the Alta Via 5T,  descending  to Riomaggiore and back to Monterosso.

Passing through all the Sanctuaries then the small village of Volastra besides Manarola, Corniglia and Vernazza, I could not recommend a better route to a tourist.

The environment is constantly changing, it starts with the typical mediterranean vegetation of Punta Mesco, olive tree, pines, oaks and then finally to the forest of chestnut trees on the Alta Via.

Arrived on the paths by the sea route pass in  the middle of the famous terraced vineyards from which we produce the best grapes Sciacchetrà, true nectar of the gods.

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