Running by the sea: Levanto-Bonassola

A trail along the old railway

Ten easy kilometres by the sea.

Ambient : sea, beach scenic

Starting from Levanto, promenade by the sea, direction north

We run along the old railway line, and we meet fresh galleries very appreciated in summer, small beaches and clear waters.

We arrive in Bonassola and we continue straight till the end of the promenade and we take a stairway on the left around the small chapel of Saint Erasmus.

At the road we take left to” la Madonnina della Punta,” a small chapel on the cape at the end of the road.

We come back following the road and we are back to Bonassola, just after train bridge on the left there is a fresh water fountain, very appreciated, we pass through Bonassola and we take the way back to Levanto from the same road.

Trail is almost car free.