Levanto: History Walking Tour

historic centre

historic centre

meeting point in piazza Cavour (main square) by Bar Le Clarisse at 6 pm
two hours easy promenade discovering history of Levanto.
Silvia will accompany you, talking about close relationship with Republic of Genova, important citizens like “Giocchino da Passano”, enclosed nuns, merchants and farmers.
You’ll dive into the labyrinth of narrow streets of Levanto: from the ex-convent of Clarisse in Piazza Cavour to the church of San Giacomo along Via Guani. A steep “creuza” (dialect meaning “the road that takes you from the sea to the mountains”) towards the Medieval Loggia and then to the beautiful parish church of Sant’Andrea, the Castle and the medieval walls…at the end, the “Cultural Material” Exhibition at the ex-convent of the Augustinians – an exhibition of traditional objects used by farmers, including tools, oil and wine mills, furniture, etc..

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at Tourist Information centre tel 0187/808125 info@occhioblu.it

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